author filled with joy on hiking trail


I’m Jenn Fisher, solo traveler and trauma survivor. I’m also a proud Autoimmune Warrior.

I discovered the healing power of nature as I traveled on my many journeys. Since then, I’ve used countless techniques from destinations in North America and Europe to empower other survivors to heal.

I started jenn fisher books to share my travel wisdom about traveling to heal the effects of trauma by mindfully using nature. On this site you’ll also find resources for autoimmune well-being while on the road.

Hello and a warm welcome to you. I’m Jenn Fisher and here to share how, despite managing multiple autoimmune disorders and overcoming the effects of trauma and complex PTSD, I’ve made my solo travel dreams a reality. You can too.

Traveling can be stressful. There can be unexpected challenges, trauma triggers and emotional fatigue. Maintaining overall well-being so you can have a happy healthy trip is essential. Below find posts to help you proactively prepare for your next getaway.