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Embarking on a one-week road trip from Las Vegas in a camper van offers the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility. It gives you a chance to unwind and soak up the diverse landscapes of the Southwest. As someone who has navigated over 1,500 miles across this stunning region, I understand the delicate balance between the desire to explore without the exhaustion of long drives. This journey is meticulously designed to feed your wanderlust with manageable distances by creating stops at four different campgrounds. Even though they are bite-size hops on your itinerary odometer, each will feel distinctly different thanks to its own unique scenery and charm.

Imagine this: you’re sitting with a map spread out in front of you, your finger tracing the route from the neon lights of Las Vegas to the tranquil shores of Lake Mead, through the fiery red rock formations of Valley of Fire, and into the dramatic vistas of the Grand Canyon. Sound awesome?

For many of us, especially we women embracing solitary golden years, travel is more than moving from one place to another. It’s about reclaiming our sense of adventure, finding peace in nature’s embrace, and releasing life’s incessant demands. This blog post isn’t just your guide to a scenic escape; it’s yet another tool in your spiritual toolkit for your self-healing journey.

A winding road through Red Rock Canyon with vibrant red and orange rock formations on either side under a clear blue sky

Join me as we explore how a simple week on the road can rejuvenate the soul and spice up the routine of everyday life, all within the comforting confines of a camper van.

Day 1:

Las Vegas to Boulder Beach Campground

  • Pick up Camper Van: Travelers Autobarn

Address: 3347 S Highland Dr #309, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

  • Drive to Boulder Beach Campground:

Address: 268 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005, USA

Day 2:

Explore Lake Mead and Travel to Atlatl Rock Campground

  • Morning at Boulder Beach:

Enjoy hiking and photographing Lake Mead.

  • Drive to Atlatl Rock Campground in Valley of Fire State Park:

Address: Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040, USA

Spend the evening exploring nearby rock formations and petroglyphs.

Day 3:

Full Day at Valley of Fire State Park

  • Explore Valley of Fire State Park:

Hike trails such as the Fire Wave, White Domes, and Mouse’s Tank.

Overnight stay at Atlatl Rock Campground.

Day 4:

Travel to Echo Bay RV Park

  • Drive to Echo Bay RV Park:

Address: Echo Bay Road, Overton, NV 89040, USA

Explore surrounding areas or enjoy a relaxed day at the park.

Day 5:

Travel to Meadview RV Park

  • Drive to Meadview RV Park:

Address: 28100 N Pierce Ferry Rd, Meadview, AZ 86444, USA

Spend the evening enjoying stunning views of the Grand Wash Cliffs.

Day 6:

Visit Grand Canyon West

  • Drive to Grand Canyon West:

Address: 5001 Diamond Bar Rd, Peach Springs, AZ 86434, USA

Experience the Skywalk, enjoy cultural performances, and consider a helicopter tour.

Day 7:

Return to Las Vegas

  • Morning leisure in Meadview:

Take it easy with a morning meditation or a relaxed breakfast.

  • Drive back to Las Vegas:

Drop off camper van at Travelers Autobarn.

This provides a rough estimate, and actual travel distances may vary slightly depending on the exact routes taken and specific starting and ending points within each location.

Boulder Beach Campground 

Located at 268 Lakeshore Road Boulder City, Boulder Beach lies within the Lake Mead Recreational Area. It’s only 30 miles from Las Vegas airport and perfect for a quick overnight to begin your roadtrip.

sign for Lake Mead Recreational Area with beautiful mountainous landscape and lake in background

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is huge, covering approximately 1.5 million acres, which includes both Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. It spans parts of southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona, so narrowing down your scope to get the lay of the land requires an extra step of due diligence.

There are approximately eight established campgrounds within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and more than half of them are run by the NPS. When you determine your itinerary, the campground website will clearly convey if it’s private or federally operated.

Tranquil lake surrounded by mountains under a soft sunset, offering a peaceful retreat for self-reflection and solitude.
Exceptional views surround you at Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach is easy to get to, and rewards you with desert views straightaway from the highway. When you arrive at the ranger station, you’ll have to pay the national park fee of $25 if you don’t have a pass.

For one or two nights, Boulder Beach campground is the obvious choice. However, there are no showers, so unless you have one in your RV that could become a problem. If you are flying into Las Vegas and want a camping area that is very close but also very scenic and secluded, Boulder Beach is perfect.

Tranquil lake surrounded by mountains with sailboats in the distance, offering a peaceful retreat for self-reflection and solitude.
Wonderful mixture of desert, mountainous and water landscape

Once you drive in, you choose your site and virtually be on your own, since there are no rangers. My trip was in April, and it was easy to find a spot along the lake. This provides exceptional views for morning coffee as well as beautiful sunset photographs for your social media.

It’s quiet in terms of people, but you will hear helicopters tours. Make time to connect with you and take time to journal your thoughts and feelings so far. Some campground facilities (below) make camping at Boulder Beach left an easy, comfortable experience.

If you have a national park pass, it will only cost you your $20 camping fee. For that price, you’ll  get exceptional views, solitude, birding, hiking, biking, and boating access. I didn’t use the lake for any water sports, but you can find information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed at Boulder Beach campground?

Yes, pets are allowed

Are there showers at Boulder Beach?

No. Despite with the internet says, there are no showers

Is my entrance fee covered with my campsite cost?

No. You will have to pay the National Park fee which is $25 and good for 7 days

Does boulder Beach campground have WIFI?

Yes! Wifi service is available for free and it’s quite good



Ataltl Rock Campground In Valley Of Fire State Park

Located at 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy in Overton, Valley of Fire offers incredible camping, with the spectacular bonus of being surrounded by stunning rock formations. There are actually two campgrounds in the state park: Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock. Both are equipped with shaded tables, grills, water, and restrooms. Camping fees are $20 per night plus the $10 entrance fee ($15 for non-residents) which should be collected when you reserve your site. Other Information:

  • The entrance fee covers the use of all park facilities and is valid for one day.
  • There is an onsite Visitor Center with educational displays, restroom facilities, shaded picnic tables, and items for sale.


WIFI: As long as you don’t mind paying, you can enjoy full connectivity while you’re in the park. To find out more, go to WIFI in the Park. In addition, even you find this setting to be particularly therapeutic, you can complete a therapy session!

sign explaining WIFI network and connectivity at Atlatl Rock campground

Accessibility to Petroglyphs: Atlatl Rock, famous for its accessible petroglyphs, is located within easy walking distance from the campground. This provides a great opportunity to explore these ancient rock carvings up close. 

Pathway leading to petroglyphs accessible from Atlatl Rock Campground, surrounded by dramatic red rock formations.
Petroglyphs are within walking distance from campground

Well-Equipped Sites: Most of the campsites at Atlatl Rock are well-equipped with water, picnic tables, fire rings, and some even have electrical hookups (additional $10 per night).

Plants, Wildlife, Hiking: The area is home to diverse wildlife and unique desert plants, which can be easily enjoyed along the fabulous hiking trails in the park.

Facilities: The campground offers modern facilities including restrooms with flush toilets and free showers, which can add a level of comfort to your camping experience.


Climate: Being in the Mojave Desert, the area can get extremely hot, especially in the summer months, with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This can make daytime activities uncomfortable for those with special health concerns.

Limited Shade: The natural environment offers little shade, which can be a challenge during sunny days. Campers need to be prepared to protect themselves from the sun. I camped at site 29 during the month of April. Compared to some sites, which either had full sun or full shade at were 5 o’clock in the afternoon, #29 was perfect. Not too much, not too little.

Popularity: The campground is popular, especially during peak tourist seasons (spring and fall). This can make it difficult to secure a campsite without advance reservations. However, if you book early, you should have no problem getting a site, and one with electricity. 

View from Campsite #29 at Atlatl Rock Campground, showing a camper van parked in a spot with a perfect mix of shade and sunlight

Remote Location: While its remote location is part of its charm, it also means that you need to come well-prepared with supplies as the nearest big grocery stores or other shopping facilities are quite far away.

Limited Cell Service: Depending on your carrier, cell service can be spotty or non-existent in the park, which might be a drawback for those needing to stay connected. I have Verizon, and didn’t experience a problem. 

Overall, Atlatl Rock Campground offers a memorable outdoor experience with the opportunity to enjoy and explore the natural beauty and historical significance of Valley of Fire State Park. In addition, the incredible and healing hiking trails nearby make it unbeatable. However, the challenging climate and limited amenities may require additional planning and preparation.

Camper van parked at the start of a scenic desert road trip, with a picturesque view of the desert landscape
Me and my van were perfectly cozy in site #29.

I loved my three day stay at Atlatl. It was peaceful and spacious, with a friendly atmosphere. I stayed in site #29, which had water and electricity. The water spigot was pretty crazy so if you decide to pick that site (which is recommended) turn it on slowly. I highly recommend this park and campground for your camper van road trip. While you’re there, you just might see another Travelers Autobarn van (or three, like I did!)

Echo Village RV Park

Located at Echo Bay Road in Overton, Echo Bay RV Village is your everyday RV park… friendly hostess, easy-living vibes, and chatty neighbors.

Portrait of the happy hostess, Barb, at Echo Village RV Park, near tranquil Lake Mead
Happy hostess, Barb

It’s located near the tranquil waters of Lake Mead. This well-maintained facility offers essential hookups, free hot showers, and free WIFI. It also provides jaw dropping star gazing.

Panoramic view of Echo Village RV Park showcasing the vast desert landscape surrounding it

When I first pulled into this RV Park, I was sure what I was getting myself into. It turns out, a safe and welcoming community of campers and travelers.

Playground at Echo Village RV Park surrounded by desert scenery, providing simple pleasures.

The park is surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, with some of the best from the playground. It’s amazing how the simplicity of an old fashioned playground can conjure joy and love from childhood.

Playground at Echo Village RV Park surrounded by desert scenery, providing simple pleasures.

However, it’s loaded with desert palms filled with chattering birds of many varieties. This creates a cozy and serene setting, one where you can just drive in, park, and regroup  from all the traveling thus far.

Then, when you feel like socializing, seize the opportunity to take a walk and chat.

Retro camper van with two friendly campers in backgound, showing the happy vibes at Echo Bay RV Park

You will probably make some new friends or at least meet many interesting and friendly people who are loving the calm, gentle pace of RV life.

Meadview RV Park

Located at 28100 N Pierce Ferry Rd in Meadview, this RV Park offers basic amenities in a quiet location. for visitors interested in exploring the nearby Grand Canyon West and Lake Mead areas.

welcome sign for Meadview RV Park, rustic and cozy

The distance from Meadview RV Park to Grand Canyon West is approximately 45 miles. This route takes you through some scenic desert landscapes, and if you’re lucky, grazing cattle.

The park provides essential services such as hookups and a few facilities like restrooms and laundry, catering primarily to RV travelers.

Showers are coin operated (9 quarters for 9 minutes) but the bathroom itself is quite nice.

Interior of a clean and well-maintained restroom at Meadview RV Park, showing personal touches

After using facility restrooms for a while, the small touches of a personalized bathroom are very appreciated.

Interior of a clean and well-maintained restroom at Meadview RV Park, showing personal touches

Finally, the majority of campers use their own showers and toilets, because even though the park was booked, I never crossed paths with anyone during my 2 day stay. Personally, I love the convenience of a small camper van and using the campground facilities. Seems like less responsibility and hassle.

While it lacks some of the luxuries of larger RV parks, it does offer food items for sale and use of the microwave, as well as ice cream and an entire library of DVDs.

Office at Meadview RV Park, offering ice cream and a selection of DVDs for sale to campers."
Ice cream for sale in the office
Office at Meadview RV Park, offering ice cream and a selection of DVDs for sale to campers."
The office staff is very friendly and helpful.

Meadview’s proximity to natural attractions make it a great base camp, however, there’s not much else to do nearby besides rest (which is a good thing). This setting is ideal for practicing mindfulness and journaling, which is vital while traveling. Another way to invest the time is to practice rituals and ancestral healing. The diverse and spiritual setting adds an element of open-mindedness and new opportunities to shift.

Although there are hiking trails through the beautiful Joshua Tree Forest, there are also poisonous snakes. So be very careful if hiking here.

Sign explaining  Joshua trees, near Meadview RV Park
Scenic view of a quiet desert road, lined with Joshua trees, near Meadview RV Park

I do recommend this RV Park for visiting the Grand Canyon West. It’s is friendly, has great vibes, and great for soaking up peaceful desert surroundings.

Total driving distance for a road trip from Las Vegas

Las Vegas to Boulder Beach Campground (at Lake Mead): Approximately 30 miles, taking about 40 minutes via I-515 S/US-93 S.

Boulder Beach Campground to Valley of Fire State Park: Approximately 55 miles, taking about 1 hour via I-15 N and Valley of Fire Hwy.

Valley of Fire State Park to Echo Bay RV Village (at Lake Mead): Approximately 38 miles, taking about 50 minutes via Northshore Rd.

Echo Bay RV Village to Grand Canyon West: Approximately 135 miles, taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes via Pierce Ferry Rd and Diamond Bar Rd.

Meadview RV Park to Grand Canyon West: Approximately 45 miles (roundtrip), and typically takes about 1 hour, depending on road conditions and traffic.

Grand Canyon West back to Las Vegas: Approximately 125 miles, taking about 2 hours and 20 minutes via US-93 N.

Add these together gives a total approximate distance:

30 miles + 55 miles + 38 miles + 135 miles + 45 + 125 miles =

428 Miles Total

Final Thoughts On Your 1 Week Road Trip From Las Vegas

Use this companion guide for your week-long journey from Las Vegas, and remember that with each new destination comes a renewed opportunity for self care. From serene sunsets at Lake Mead to gorgeous Grand Canyon vistas, this trip mixes quiet reflection with exciting exploration. So pack up your camper van and get ready for your serene southwest road trip.

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