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Traveler’s Autobarn is the best budget camper van rental company in the US. It’s a bold statement, but I stand by it.

I’ve adventured through over 800 miles of scenic drives and tucked-away spots with Travelers Autobarn, and can’t wait to book my next road trip with them. My first trip was through Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks. Next I ventured through the Nevada desert hiking Valley of Fire, seeing Grand Canyon West, and good-old-fashioned RV living.

On my first journey with Travelers Autobarn, what stood out was not just the wallet-friendly pricing but the simplicity of it all. Their straightforward approach meant I could focus on my travel rather than my budget. It’s refreshing, especially when other companies can leave you feeling nickel-and-dimed for every mile and perplexed by high-tech gadgets that seem more at home in a spaceship than a camper van!

But here’s where it gets personal – the people. From the moment I picked up my van, the staff were not just helpful but genuinely caring. What began as a simple transaction turned into the beginning of a great friendship. We’ve stayed connected on social media, sharing stories and tips about our camper van adventures. This is just one of the many reasons TA enriches my travels and makes every trip with them something to look forward to.

Day 1 of my Nevada road trip, showing Boulder Beach at Lake Mead Recreation Area with a serene lake view and distant mountains under a clear blue sky.
Day 1 of my Nevada Road trip, in Boulder Beach- Lake Mead Recreation Area

For my fellow older, solo female travelers committed to exploring and healing on the road, this blog post will guide you through how Travelers Autobarn can enhance your travel experience without stretching your budget. From their retro, hippie-loving old ladies like me, to cool young backpackers, to world-wide travelers hitting the road, every vibe is welcome. Make your next solo great outdoor adventure both empowering and care-free. My favorite office is in Las Vegas, only about a half hour from LAS.

Finally, if you’re a regular reader of my blog (if so thank you!) then you know my lists never countdown to a #1 best. Everyone is different and varied, so I leave it to you to decide which is best. Besides, deciding what YOU like is the best part of self-healing! So here we go:

Top ten reasons why Travelers Autobarn is the best camper van rental company in the U.S:

No Hidden Costs

Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock, campsite number 29, featuring a picturesque desert landscape with vibrant red rock formations under a sunny sky
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock, campsite #29

I’m a, “what you see is what you get” kinda person. I prize authenticity. That’s one of my top reasons I am a loyal and happy customer. Their transparent pricing includes all the essentials, so there are no surprises at checkout, just return your key and go. This makes budgeting for your trip straightforward and stress-free.

Unlimited Mileage

One word: Freedom!

Simplified graphic representing a plan for an autoimmune trip with key elements highlighted for easy reference

To have the freedom to explore without limits is a must for any road adventurer! If you find yourself checking and rechecking your rental gas tank to make sure you don’t overpay upon return, or if you itemize your itinerary to maximize your budget, you’ll absolutely appreciate unlimited miles. Travelers Autobarn ‘get’s it’…you’re on a road trip, especially if solo, you don’t want to answer to anybody or anything. Your camper van needs to match that, and allow you to chase the horizons without worrying about extra fees.

24/7 Roadside Assistance  

Woman jumping for joy for security and safety of Travelers Autobarn best budget camper van in the US
I never needed to use the roadside assistance, but as a female solo traveler, it made a huge difference knowing help was only a phone call away.

Peace of mind is priceless, especially when you’re venturing into the wild or cruising down remote highways. As a woman from the east coast, I had no comprehension of the vastness that is the southwest. Looking on a map doesn’t capture the level of untamed road. However, knowing Travelers Autobarn round-the-clock roadside assistance eased my mind through the hundreds and hundreds of miles I spent behind the camper van wheel.

Fully Equipped Vans

Outside of camper van showing amenities of table and chair compliments of TA
In addition to the (free!) table and chair, my van came with a small but powerful heater, extra pillows, and more.

You’ll be glad to know that each van comes fully equipped with essential camping and cooking gear, including beds and two sleeping bags, kitchen facilities, and sometimes even a shower and toilet. You’ll also receive your power cord for electricity at campgrounds. This means you can have all the comforts of camping without dragging your tent and endless gear on the plane. So pack light! And you’ll still have everything you need for a comfortable journey.

Customer-Centric Approach  

You know how a host can make or break your travel accommodations? It’s the same with your rental van company.

Photo of Kuga camper van at Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock campground

You need to know you’re being heard and, dare I say, cared about. You’ll get that at Travelers Autobarn. Both times I rented out of Las Vegas, I ended up staying and talking to the staff about trips and traveling. I felt completely comfortable that I was being looked out for, and that really goes a long way when you’re far from home and vulnerable. The staff at Travelers Autobarn gave me exceptional customer service, carefully and patiently explaining each feature of the van. They definitely went the extra mile to ensure I had a safe experience.

Wide Range of Van Options  

Morning view from the back of a camper van, doors open to reveal a serene outdoor setting, ideal for coffee and meditation
View from the bed with back doors open for morning coffee and meditation

As a solo traveler, the Kuga Camper van is perfect. It has a solar panel which gives the option of not relying on an electric hook up. This is great for off-grid and BLM camping. Personally, any bigger than that pushes me out of the navigational comfort zone. However, everyone is different. In addition, a smaller van is also an option, since there are models to choose from.

The truth is, I loved the Kuga Chevy van because my father used to drive one. The irony is, as an incest survivor, I truly hated my father for most of my life. However, because I’ve been determined to heal and reclaim what the abuse stole from me, the memory of my father’s van brings me joy and love. Not because he drove it. Because as a little girl, I rode in it, made childhood memories, lived my life, and sometimes that meant going places in the van.

It’s my love for my inner child, her innocence and excitement for life, that puts a huge smile on my face every time I climb behind the drivers seat, keys-in-hand, and drive off into the sunset.

Ease of Use and User-Friendly Technology

Vintage-style photo showing a hand manually rolling up a van window, evoking nostalgia and simplicity in camper van design
Remember when you had to manually roll up a window? Very nostalgic!

For those who prefer simplicity and ease in their travels, especially older campers and hikers who may find modern technology overwhelming, it’s reassuring to know that Travelers Autobarn provides vans that are straightforward and user-friendly. These vehicles are equipped with practical, easy-to-use technology, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience on the road.

Freedom to Customize Your Trip

Isn’t it great to have choices?!

Silly example of having choices, lots of different small cereal boxes to choose from

Well when you rent from Travelers Autobarn, you can pick-up and drop-off in different locations. I like to pick up in Las Vegas, because they’re only about a half hour from the airport. This allows you to customize your travel itinerary according to your wildest imaginations. Let your creativity and wanderlust be your guide!

Ideal for Long-Term Rentals  

Planning an extended trip? I am!

Inside view of a camper van showing a neatly arranged interior with camping and cooking gear, including a small heater and extra pillows

So far I’ve only rented for a week at a time. But next year I fully intend to rent for 3-4 weeks. I feel truly confident in my comfort and safety to live in one of Travelers Autobarn’s van for a month. Also, the company offers special rates and conditions for long-term rentals, so it won’t break your budget. Furthermore, you can pick up and drop off at different locations! This greatly expands your literal and metaphorical travel map, making it economical for those month-long explorations or even longer epic journeys.

A Community of Travelers

One of the first things you’ll see when you enter the rental office is the food and supplies being shared to other campers.

Vibrant community scene at a camper rental office with travelers sharing food and supplies, highlighting camaraderie among users

Immediately you get the sense this company does things a little different than the rest. Another fun fact is how excited you get when you see other TA vans on the road. It’s an automatic reaction to beep and wave, and embrace the camaraderie when this happens. When I went to Valley of Fire, there were three other vans there at the same time. It’s very cool.

Part 2: Mechanical How-To’s For Your Camper Van

comparison of ease of operating camper van with canned ravioli
Operating the mechanics is almost as easy as opening a can for dinner.

When I’m on a road trip in TA’s camper vans, I’m always thinking how I can try to help my readers. As I go through my days and nights, I make mental notes to include tips and tricks to help y’all out. That’s what this short section is all about.

There’s this thing I have that I don’t enjoy asking for help. Not sure if you can relate. However, two parts of using the camper van called for an additional amount of know-how that I eventually figured out on my own, but almost had to ask for help with sorting out. That was the electric cord and grey water release valve.

Electric Cord

There’s nothing inherently intimidating about hooking your cord up to power, except that it looks different than any you’ve seen before. The cord will be stored in the van for you, and when you get to the campground, you literally plug your van into the receptacle. There’s no way to do mix up which end goes where, because they can only fit into the matching spaces.

Simplified diagram explaining how to operate basic camper van mechanics, such as an electric cord  for user convenience.  Further detail on connecting a camper van to a power source, showing the specific alignment of electrical prongs for safety.
For safety, make sure the breaker is turned off before you plug in.

I wanted to share pictures with my readers because seeing the parts up close when you’re still researching and booking makes it much easier to understand than when you have to learn new things all at once.

Simplified diagram explaining how to operate basic camper van mechanics, such as an electric cord, for user convenience. Safety tip for camper van users on securely plugging in an electric cord, emphasizing the correct alignment of prongs and sockets."
 Further detail on connecting a camper van to a power source, showing the specific alignment of electrical prongs for safety.
Line up the prongs and plug this side into your van.

Draining the Holding Tank

The water from the sinks (and shower if you have one) collects in a tank called the “grey water” tank, which can hold up to 16 gallons. Before you return the van, you empty this dishwater, etc out by using a valve underneath the van.

Visual guide on draining the grey water tank of a camper van, highlighting the red handle used for opening the valve
It seems the water would drain from the conspicuous pipe but it doesn’t

The tank uses knife valves to open and close the drain. These valves have a blade that slides across the pipe to stop the flow. To empty the tank, just pull the T-handle connected to the blade. It’s not hard to turn, but it’s hard to see. You have to bend your head up under the van, but once you see the red handle, it’s very easy.

Visual guide on draining the grey water tank of a camper van, highlighting the red handle used for opening the valve
Turn the red handle and get ready to move back quickly so you don’t get splashed.

Final Thoughts On Travelers Autobarn As The Best Budget Camper Van In The US

If you have Camper Van Road Trip on your bucket list, here’s your chance. Whether a solo journey offering an opportunity for growth, freedom, and adventure, or with others, you won’t regret it. When renting a van through Travelers Autobarn, you can travel confidently, knowing you have a reliable, supportive, and empowering partner along for the thrill ride. Safe travels, and may your road be filled with discovery and joy!