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Living with an autoimmune disease involves not just taking care of your body, but also your mental and emotional health. Positive chronic illness affirmations work for all three. They can help change how you think and feel, and I am living proof because I recite affirmations every day. They help me and they can help you too, empowering you to feel stronger and more hopeful.

Welcome to the mindful world of self-healing, where the journey through chronic illness is treated with affirmations that nurture your heart and strengthen your mind. Practice of these on a daily basis will also keep stress away, which is so important for autoimmune health.

Chronic Illness and Mental Health

For many, living with a chronic illness is not just a physical challenge but an emotional and mental one. It often triggers mental health issues, and the search for healing and managing conditions such as lupus, Sjögren’s, Lyme disease, and Hashimoto’s disease requires more than just medical intervention. It demands the support and understanding of a community that truly gets it.

Traveling In Good Health

I’m here to share not just as someone who has navigated the unpredictability of chronic illnesses, but as a fellow traveler, mindfulness advocate, and a warrior in trauma recovery. My experiences have taken me from mountain hiking adventures to peaceful biking, from snorkeling to camping…exploring this beautiful planet. I’ve done these things all while balancing the needs of my body and spirit. My experiences have received support from online therapy, which help in my trauma recovery and the managing of the mental health aspects of chronic conditions.

Using Creativity To Stay Healthy

Let me share a slice of my journey with you. Picture this: London, a city bustling with life, and there I was, creating homemade ice packs to ease my neck and back pain from walking 3-4 hours a day. This small act of self-care was an act of determination to not let my conditions define my experiences. It was a reminder that with a bit of creativity and self-compassion, we can face our challenges head-on, even miles away from the comfort of our homes.

This blog post is dedicated to you, fierce and empowered women navigating chronic illnesses. If you refuse to let your chronic illness define you, then you’re not alone. Here, you’ll find affirmations that serve as gentle, yet powerful reminders of your strength, worth, and ability to thrive despite the hurdles. Let’s embark on this healing adventure together, mindful of our steps, but always moving forward. And don’t forget to document your wins!

Here are 30 simple affirmations for those dealing with autoimmune diseases:

My body can heal, and I love to take care of it.

beautiful butterfly pollinating and bringing new life

I am strong and resilient.

soaring eagle symbol of strength

Every day, I’m getting stronger and healthier.

Wall Street in Bryce Canyon hike
"A breathtaking view of the Wall Street section during a hike in Bryce Canyon, symbolizing the journey and strength found in nature

I focus on what I can do, not on what I can’t.

camp kayak mindfully- A serene setting for mindful kayaking, encapsulating peaceful moments of reflection and connection with the water

It’s okay to rest when my body needs it.

hike to heal..A hiker on a path towards healing, surrounded by the calming force of nature, representing perseverance and self-care

My limits help me be grateful for what I do have.

gratitude socks make you smile

I deserve to be happy and healthy.

A hiker on a path towards healing, surrounded by the calming force of nature, representing perseverance and self-care

I am thankful for my good days.

The welcoming sky, representing a journey of healing and the promise of peaceful retreats in nature

It’s okay to have tough days.

mindful travel...deep contemplation for tough days with autoimmune disease

My challenges make me stronger.

playful spirit of a dolphin jumping out of the water, celebrates life

I am loved and supported.

clouds and sky bring peace and healing of the heavens

I listen to my body and take care of it.

pills on file...Medications neatly organized, symbolizing the importance of medical management in the journey of healing from chronic illness

Breathing in wholeness heals my body.

desert heat and autoimmune...woman raises arms to the air to represent freedom from hot climates and autoimmune disease

I believe in myself- I’ll get through tough times.

author bending by the water's edge in solitude...The author finds solace and strength by the water's edge, a moment of solitude and reflection in the healing journey

I find courage and strength in my journey.

waterfall shows solace and strength by the water's edge, a moment of solitude and reflection in the healing journey

I eat healthy and think positively.

healthy eating fruits and vegetables on display

I learn from all of my experiences, good and bad.

 safety first - a  solo travel as a female with autoimmune disease feels joy to travel

I am brave and keep going.

path of choices, a hiking trail with bridge signifies keep going

Being kind to myself is important.

meditate with coffee to autoimmune health - happiness for life

Nothing can break my spirit.

happy dog rolls on back to show resilience and spirit strength

I find joy in little things, even on hard days.

coffee on patio Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is a small joy that brings bring happiness

I forgive myself and let go of guilt.

trees of various colors looking up from the ground shows faith

I inspire others to keep going.

author rock climbing to inspire other autoimmune warriors to keep going and climb new heights

Healing and peace dwell in me.

pretty yellow roses for peace and serenity

I am kind to me.

polar bear in a praying position to show faith

I can handle my health challenges.

opportunity to overcome makes author happy and silly as she pretends to hold the lighthouse in the palm of her hand

I deserve kindness and serenity.

sunset and beauty over serene lake

I celebrate every small win.

snorkel healing shows gratitude for every little thing

I let go of stress and breathe in deeply.

working as a team accomplishes big things a sign to symbolize the idea that chronic illness affirmations work

I am part of a strong healing community.

yoga and breathing for calm

My journey is my own, and I walk in hope and courage.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we shared how positive thinking can help you deal with long-term illnesses like lupus and Lyme disease. I shared my own story of dealing with these illnesses while traveling and doing things I love, like hiking and biking. This post is here to remind you that you’re strong and can handle these challenges, with a little support and a lot of mindful belief in yourself. Saying these affirmations every day can help you stay positive and feel empowered while managing the tough days that your autoimmune diseases may bring.

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