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If you haven’t become your own best friend yet, this will be the trip to make it happen.

Hello and welcome to Jamestown, Rhode Island – a hidden gem that contradicts every expectation. Far from the overcrowded tourist traps, high expenses, and the typical east coast beach destinations, Jamestown is a sanctuary for mindfulness, self-healing, and genuine connection with nature.

As a seasoned solo traveler, autoimmune warrior, and trauma survivor, I’ve journeyed through a variety of cities and serene national parks, always in search of places that resonate with my spirit of adventure and healing. I take what I learn and share all the best of the best with you. As a result, I can confidently claim that Jamestown will deliver not only for exceptional nature, but also for art, community, and holistic healing. By the time you leave this lovely hamlet, you’ll have lots to add to your spiritual toolkit of self-healing. Are you your own best friend? If not, this itinerary will be your first trip together.

Tranquil Community, Rural Feel

I remember planning for my visit to this island, half-expecting the usual hustle and high costs that make your wallet weep. Instead, I found a community where the pace is slower, the smiles are warmer, and the prices don’t skyrocket your stress levels. Here, in this lesser-known haven, I discovered the perfect blend of natural beauty, affordable adventures, and friendly locals.

Another unexpected perk was the amount of forestry and trees in and around Jamestown. Lush nature and farms blended with sandy beaches is a rare find.

Day 1: Welcome to Jamestown

Located on Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay, it’s situated between the city of Newport and mainland Rhode Island, connected by bridges on both sides. In 2023, Jamestown had a population of around 5,500 residents. However, this number may have changed since then with its small, inclusive community attracting retirees and artists.

Getting There:

The nearest major airport to Jamestown, Rhode Island, is T.F. Green Airport (PVD), located in Warwick, Rhode Island, and is approximately 27 miles north of Jamestown.

Another option, is Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, which is farther (about 75 miles north of Jamestown) but provides a wider range of domestic and international flights.

Where To Stay:

Jamestown has a variety of budget, mid-range, and luxury hotel stays available for booking.


As you arrive in Jamestown, RI, embrace the ambiance of this quaint island. Start your journey with a gentle walk through the village, absorbing the peaceful vibes. Visit local cafes and enjoy a nutritious, anti-inflammatory breakfast to fuel your day.


Head to Beavertail State Park, located at 198 Purgatory Road, for a mindful stroll or relaxing bike ride. If you need to rent one, Jamestown Outdoors has awesome cruisers, really helpful staff, and they even deliver the bike to you!

Beavertail State Park is an iconic picturesque New England coastal landscape. Sit with the crashing waves. Photograph or paint the stunning views. This engagement with nature serves your self-healing. Practice a guided meditation session by the sea, focusing on breathing and self-acceptance. If the therapeutic setting inspires you, perhaps go for a little deeper healing.

Jamestown art
En plein air, or “in the open air”, is very popular for artists at Beavertail State Park.


Dine at a local eatery offering fresh, organic dishes. Remember, eating well is crucial for managing autoimmune conditions. Better yet, support the local economy by shopping at the farmer’s market. Opening Day for their season is June 28th – September 6. They’re there each Monday from 3pm-6:30pm. Some items are sold inside the Jamestown Recreation Center at 913 Fort Getty Road, and others are set up on the surrounding grounds. Not only did I find the sweetest strawberries, but enjoyed watching free entertainment while eating them. End your day by journaling with your new best friend- you!

Retire early to your accommodation, prioritizing restful sleep – a key to healing.

Day 2: Nature Connection


Begin with a quiet yoga session amidst the New England unique gray-sand beach of Macarel Cove Beach (Jamestown Town Beach). Located at Beavertail Road, Jamestown, it provides the perfect setting for starting your self-healing journey. If you feel adventurous, take a dip in the chilly New England waters to refresh and invigorate you.

Jamestown RI solo travel as a female with autoimmune disease

Yoga aids in reducing stress and inflammation, beneficial for autoimmune and trauma healing. Greet the day with open arms and an open heart.

After your stretching, enjoy your beach picnic breakfast admiring the world-class sailboats that dot the horizon.

Tranquil waves gently lapping the sandy shores of Mackerel Cove Beach in Jamestown, Rhode Island
Gentle waves at Mackeral Cove Beach

Finish your morning with meditative beach combing along the rocky shores that bookend the beach. Try to spy some hermit crabs or collect souvenir sea shells. Perfect your techniques and take them with you when you visit other east coast beaches.

Parking is free at Mackerel Cove until Thursday, June 15 and is free again after Labor Day. Outside of those dates the cost is $15.


Explore historic and captivating Rose Island. It’s approximately a 30 minute boat ride on the Jamestown Newport Ferry to get there. Or you can bring your own boat (if you are able to beach it), or canoe, kayak or SUP.

Distant view of children learning to sail on the calm waters off the coast of Rose Island in Jamestown.
Watching children learn to sail in the distance- a wonderful way to pass a peaceful afternoon.

This delightful little island offers gorgeous wildflowers strewn about coast breakers. For activities…swimming, museum tour, fishing, beach combing, and bird watching.

Vivid depiction of Rose Island's rugged coastline interspersed with colorful wildflowers in Jamestown
The Island is a diverse mix of untamed rugged coast and simple wildflower beauty

You can also connect with nature’s healing powers by taking a serene trail walk. The diverse ecosystem is not just a feast for the eyes, but also a balm for the soul. You can even book an overnight stay.

Scenic views of Rose Island, showcasing its diverse ecosystem with lush greenery and coastal landscapes

Admission fees apply to all daily visitors. There are restrooms and picnic benches.


Picturesque natural setting of Purgatory Chasm, featuring dramatic geological formations and rugged seaside cliffs
Humorous self-portrait of the blogger in a casual, playful pose,  related to Purgatory Chasm
Ok that’s not the chasm, that’s just me being silly

Although the Purgatory Chasm website lists a daily parking fee charged May through October, I did not find any fees when I visited.

Day 3: Arts and Culture


Interior view of the Jamestown Art Center, highlighting a variety of art exhibits and creative spaces

Since Rhode Island is home to one of the most prestigious art schools in the world, the Rhode Island School of Design, it’s no surprise they outdo themselves with creative community involvement.


Take a ferry boat tour around the island. Located at 1 East Ferry Wharf APT 2, Jamestown, the Jamestown – Newport Ferry offers a variety of tours and cruises, including hop on, hop off. In addition, they have a very friendly crew with interesting knowledge of history and local landmarks.

Scenic boat tour around Jamestown Island, showcasing the serene water and local landmarks

The rhythmic movement of water is known to be calming, especially for those seeking self-healing.


start solo travel for autoimmune warriors

Day 4: Reflective Farewell


Have a leisurely breakfast at a local café, savoring the flavors and memories of your stay. Use your journal to capture all the sights and sounds you experienced.


Spend your last hours in Jamestown at the water’s edge, reflecting on your journey. Notice the power of the Atlantic Ocean alongside the magic of the sun as it dances upon the waves. Write down your thoughts, intentions, and revelations from this healing trip, and dream up where you’ll go next.

Breathtaking views of Jamestown's wild Atlantic coastline, capturing the power and beauty of the ocean
Jamestown is filled with breathtaking wild Atlantic coastline


As you prepare to leave, recognize the strength and peace you’ve gathered here. Remember, the journey of healing continues beyond Jamestown, and you carry its lessons with you.

Final Thoughts

For women like us, who find solace in the wilderness of national parks and the simplicity of hiking and camping, Jamestown offers an unexpected twist to our usual travel narrative. Connecting with community, art, and new people stretches our tolerance for new and unfamiliar things. This is crucial for trauma survivors, it keeps their lives from becoming stagnant with safe routines. Having the courage to explore fun new activities and social settings demonstrates how far we have come. It’s a pleasant surprise of empowerment to find new parts of ourselves we didn’t know were waiting to be discovered.

Throughout your stay in Jamestown, RI, remember to listen to your body and respect its limits. Stay hydrated, nourish yourself with healthy choices, and take moments to rest. This island isn’t just a destination, it’s a stepping stone in your journey of self-healing and discovery. It’s for you, your very own best friend, a bold and beautiful soul.