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Welcome fellow adventurers and seekers of joy! Have you ever felt like your inner child is nudging you to explore and play, but you just couldn’t figure out where to let that spirit run free? Well, here’s your chance to listen, because sometimes we grown-ups really do need a gentle reminder to hear the whispers of our younger selves. That’s why in this special blog post, I’ve decided to pass the mic to Little Jennifer, my vibrant inner child. She is eager to share her favorite travel spots that will dazzle and delight you.

Little Jennifer has been my trusty travel partner for years, guiding me through destinations with a spirit of wonder that turns each journey into an unforgettable chapter of our storybook. Together, we’ve explored corners of the world where the magic of childhood isn’t just remembered but relived. These trips aren’t just vacations; they’re a way we nurture our spirits, heal deeply, and create joyous memories that last a lifetime.

In this post, Little Jennifer will take you through 9 destinations that are perfect for letting your inner child run wild and free. From enchanted isles to ancient forests to the giggly heights of whimsical parks, she’s excited to tell you all about the neat things that make these spots so heartwarming.

Traveling with the mindset of nurturing your inner child is a transformative experience that can enrich your journey in unique and delightful ways. Let’s rediscover the world through the eyes of our inner children—because they really do know how to find the best adventures in every journey!

Finally, if you’re a regular reader of my blog (if so thank you!) then you know my lists never countdown to a #1 best. Everyone is different and varied, so I leave it to you to decide which is best. Besides, deciding what YOU like is the best part of self-healing! So here we go:

1. Creative Climbing in Pennsylvania

Boulder Field, Hickory Run Campground

3613 State Route 534, White Haven, Pennsylvania, 18661, USA

(Big Jenn says)

Embracing your inner child while traveling can open up new avenues of creativity. Seeing the world through a lens of wonder and imagination can inspire you to engage with your surroundings more creatively, whether it’s through photography, writing, or even the way you plan your itinerary.

(Little Jennifer says)

Imagine a huge playground made entirely of rocks, stretching over 20 acres and piled up about 10 feet deep! That’s Boulder Field! It’s filled with all sizes of boulders, from tiny pebbles to massive stones that look like they were put there just for me to scramble over.

While the grown-ups might talk about how these rocks came from the ice age and got all mixed up by freezing and thawing, I just love how it’s like a giant treasure hunt. Every crevice and crack might hide something special, and I can safely explore and climb to my heart’s content!

Boulder Field is super fun to climb. It’s like you can be a little monkey and discover secret spots and find treasures in the stones. I really loved scrambling around here.

2. Curious Hiking In Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park

29450 Valley of Fire Hwy Overton, NV 89040, USA

 (Big Jenn says)

Inner children are naturally curious, and traveling with your inner child encourages you to ask questions, explore hidden corners, and learn more about the culture and history of each place you visit.

(Little Jennifer says)

Valley of Fire is like a giant outdoor playground filled with kid-sized boulders! Imagine being surrounded by bright orange rocks that you can climb and conquer like a superhero.

Vibrant orange rock formations at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, inviting adventurous climbing and exploration in a sunny desert setting

There are tiny nooks perfect for squeezing into and pretending you’re on a secret mission. The gentle rock hills are just waiting for you to claim them as your kingdom, and the slot canyons are like secret passages that lead to a hidden world only you know about.

Slot canyons at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, inviting adventurous climbing and exploration in a sunny desert setting

When you start to feel a bit tired from all that adventure, there’s always a shady spot to plop down in and play with the cool, orange sand. It’s fun to let the sand run through your fingers and maybe even build a sandcastle or two. Touching the earth, feeling its textures, and just being in this colorful, natural space is like the earth is your best friend.

flat colorful orange-streaked rock at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, inviting adventurous climbing and exploration in a sunny desert setting

Plus, the park is full of trails that have all sorts of interesting things to see. You might spot some ancient petroglyphs carved into the rocks by people who lived long, long ago, or catch a glimpse of some desert animals scurrying.

3. Splash and Play in Oregon

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda Drive Pacific City, OR 97135, USA

(Big Jenn says)

Traveling with your inner child encourages playfulness. This can lead to more spontaneous and fun activities, making your trip memorable and exciting. Not only does it feel good, it also is healing.

(Little Jennifer says)

Ever hear of Tide Pooling?! It’s like when it’s low tide, you can see a hidden world in these shallow pools. You can spy sea stars, anemones, crabs, and colorful sea slugs. Grab your water shoes and prepare to see a real life sea aquarium right before your eyes!

When I went, I loved to sit and watch the waves make the sea creatures’ bodies shimmy and shake in the current. 

And get ready to splash! The incoming Pacific Ocean tide brings exciting waves to play in and dodge. As the ocean pulls back, it shows little pools filled with starfish, crabs, and colorful sea anemones—each one a tiny treasure trove of sea creatures to explore! Or you can pretend you’re a marine biologist discovering the hidden underwater world. 

There’s this other fun thing to do at Cape Kiwanda. It’s hill climbing, but not just any hill. It’s really really really big sand dune! It’s like a mountain of soft sand just begging you to climb it. Scrambling up, you can feel the sand shift under your feet, making you work a little harder as you reach the top. And once you’re there, the view is like being on top of the world, looking out over the vast ocean and the rugged coast. It’s the perfect spot to catch your breath and see for miles and miles.

 Climbing this dune is not easy, but it’s worth it. Take breaks!

Hill at Cape Kiwanda-giant sand dune fun to climb

If you stick it out and go to the top, you’ll be amazed by the endless views of the Pacific Ocean. If you really want to go wild, try running to the bottom on the way down. I didn’t, but other kids did. It was fun just watching them go.

4. Scary But Fun and Learning In London

London Dungeon

County Hall Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

(Big Jenn says)

 Traveling with your inner child can heighten emotional responses to new experiences. This can deepen your connection to different cultures, landscapes, and communities. When you let go and relax into the moment, trauma can be transformed.

(Little Jennifer says)

The London Dungeon was Wow! What a spooky fun time learning about history! So many surprises and fun rides like the boat journey and a surprising drop ride. It was  a giant playground where history came to life…including  screams and  laughs. I met witches, thieves, and Mrs. Lovett with her meat pies, and so many other people. It was dark and mysterious but really cool.

But it wasn’t  just about jump scares; there are exciting stories, dramatic and emotional  reenactments that really made me happy. But it was also sad for the people who died in the Great Plague and the ones who were treated unfairly.


5. Watch The Wildlife in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

2 Officers Row Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, USA

 (Big Jenn says)

Through the eyes of your inner child, even simple activities like seeing a large animal can be extraordinary, enriching your travel experience. When you acknowledge this moment as special, you’re giving yourself love.

(Little Jennifer says)

We had a non-stop adventure at Yellowstone National Park! I love animals, and seeing the bison up close was like they were fake because I barely could believe they really existed. They’re huge and furry, and they snort and shake their heads as they walk by—it’s so cool!

A wild bison walking through the grasslands of Yellowstone National Park, with tourists observing from a safe distance

Then, there were the sneaky foxes and coyotes. They darted through the bushes like they were playing hide and seek with us. We even got super lucky and saw a grizzly bear and her cub through a spotting scope! They were munching on deer meat, which was both exciting and a bit gross.

Geysers of Yellowstone National Park, with tourists observing from a safe distance

And it wasn’t just the animals that were amazing. The ground itself was like something from another planet, with bubbling and gurgling sounds coming from everywhere. It was like the Earth was cooking up something special just for us to see.

6. Fly With the Fairies in Florida

Casadaga Spiritualist Camp

1112 Stevens Street Lake Helen, FL 32744, USA

 (Big Jenn says)

Just like children who are often more open to trying new things, your inner child can encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, whether it’s trying new destinations, holistic activities, or even the metaphysical.

(Little Jennifer says)

Casadaga Spiritualist Camp felt like this small old fashioned town where almost everyone knew secrets about the invisible world—like a place full of wizards and fairies! As I wandered around, it seemed like every twist and turn in the path might be a hidden magic trick.

Quaint and mystical paths through Casadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida, hinting at the paranormal and spiritual consultations available

Walking around this peaceful little spot in Florida, I could almost see the magic in the air. The old houses looked like they belonged in a storybook, with their mysterious auras and windows that I imagined were full of twinkling, colorful crystals. Everything is so pretty I wanted to sketch in my field guide!

Author sitting in butterfly throne at Casadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida, inner child travel fun

And the people! There were fortune tellers and like wizards, some saying they could even peek into the future. I was excited and curious and soaked up all the magical vibes. Kinda like stepping into a real-life fairy tale, where every corner offered a psychic surprise!

7. Expand Your  Wild Atlantic Way Wonder

 Coastal route: West coast of Ireland

From the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal to Kinsale in County Cork

(Big Jenn says)

Seeing the world as a child sees it brings back a sense of wonder and awe, especially when encountering natural wonders connected to your ancestral lineage. This perspective can make familiar sights feel brand new again.

(Little Jennifer says)

The Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland is like a medieval adventure where you’re the hero exploring a storybook coastline. Add in the Celtic connection to faerie magic and folklore and you’ll be spellbound! 

Plus the Wild Atlantic Way also has ancient castles to explore if you like knights and history.  

Did you know this wild path stretches over 2,500 kilometers (about 1,550 miles)?! So much space to conquer rugged cliffs or discover quiet, secluded beaches. Sometimes you can even dream big dreams as you stare out at the enormous ocean.

But the best thing of all was the friendly sheep, always ready say “hi!” Their loud blurty bleating was so silly and cheerful. It made me giggle every time, so I had to talk back to them. 

Wild sheep along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland

8. Flowers, Animals, Caves- Oh My!

Animal Flower Cave

 North Point St. Lucy, Barbados

(Big Jenn says)

Embracing the qualities of your inner child while traveling fosters personal growth. It nurtures qualities like resilience, joy, and the capacity for wonder, which are often overshadowed by adult responsibilities and burdens.

(Little Jennifer says)

The Animal Flower Cave in Barbados is like a secret pirate cave filled with hidden treasures! It’s at the very edge of the island, where the waves crash against the cliffs, making it feel like an adventure just to get there. Inside the cave, it’s like stepping into a mysterious, dark-ish world. The walls are all swirly with colors from the minerals, and the floor can be a bit slippery, like walking on wet seashells (be careful!! One poor man fell when we were there).

Inside view of the colorful and mysterious Animal Flower Cave in Barbados with natural pools and sea anemones

The coolest part? There are pools inside the cave that you can actually swim in! (of course I did and it was sooo fun!) They’re like mini oceans all to yourself, and when you look up, you might see a tiny bit of sky through the natural openings in the cave ceiling. 

But the real stars of the cave are the sea anemones, known as “animal flowers.” They live in the pools, and they’re so neat because they look like colorful underwater plants but are actually living creatures that can close up if you touch them gently. 

Inside view of rocks and sea life in Animal Flower Cave in Barbados with natural pools and sea anemones

Visiting the Animal Flower Cave is this safe, magical and private ocean where you can swim, explore, and see things that make you feel you have your own cave world!

9. Wild Fun in the Wild West

Williams, Arizona, USA

 (Big Jenn says)

Allowing your inner child to lead the way can improve overall mental health, especially for trauma survivors. The combination of play, exploration, and reduced stress contributes to better mental well-being.

(Little Jennifer says)

Williams, Arizona, is like a little town pulled right out of an exciting wild west storybook! It’s a place where you can almost hear the horse hooves on the streets and imagine cowboys walking past with their wide-brimmed hats.

Or you can take a train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. Imagine hopping aboard a real steam train where you might even see pretend bandits on horseback trying to rob the train! It’s super fun because everyone plays along, and it feels like you’re traveling back in time. Then they also play songs on a fiddle and tell jokes. It was so fun!

FAQ’s For Inner Child Travel Destinations

What is inner child travel

Inner child travel focuses on the playful, curious, and adventurous spirit of one’s younger self during trips. This type of travel is designed to engage with the joy and wonder of childhood, and help adults reconnect with feelings and heal.

How can you start doing inner child travel?

Choose destinations or activities that spark childhood innocence and adventure. Think about what you loved doing as a kid, and go from there.

What if I feel embarrassed or insecure about inner child travel?

Remember that it’s perfectly normal to have these feelings. Embrace the idea that travel is a personal journey meant to bring you joy and fulfillment, regardless of others’ opinions.

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