Hello fellow travelers. I’m Jenn Fisher

Welcome to a site dedicated to your self-healing.

But what if you really want to travel but have autoimmune disease(s)? Here you’ll also find advice and resources for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being while on the road.

I hope my content inspires you, and you see that mental and physical health challenges need not prevent you from traveling. 

Empowerment For Trauma Survivors

Are you committed to reclaiming what was stolen from you as a result of the trauma?

Then you are in the right place.

On this blog, I share my personal stories and experiences of overcoming trauma through various methods, including solo travel.

What you can expect from me is authenticity surrounding the pain that comes with being a trauma survivor, and the empowerment that results when you transmute that pain into courage and journey through it.

Besides resources, guides, and tips, I also emphasize safety, self-care, and building resilience through travel. I know my strategies work, because I’ve used them and have had successful results.

How did I use nature to heal myself?

I grew up in a very working class, very dysfunctional family. There was no money to travel, but we did a lot of off-grid camping. It was the 70’s and hippie living was alive and well. The seed was planted to explore new horizons and sleep beneath the stars. My first true love was, and always will be, Nature. I still take my sense of adventure and awe of earth’s beauty with me on every trip. I know that little girl’s spirit is still alive inside me.

It Takes Great Courage To Heal

You deserve to reclaim the joy and freedom that trauma stole from you. It takes great courage and determination. The process of self healing from abuse and neglect is almost like being re-traumatized. The pain can be too much for many survivors to continue.

Journey with Autoimmune Wellness

Confronting physical, mental, and emotional challenges directly relates to building your confidence to travel solo and explore the world. I know how isolating chronic health diseases can be. I’ve suffered through my physical health triggering my mental health.

I share honest examples of my experiences successfully traveling with autoimmune disorders. I hope you discover a supportive community of women facing similar health challenges. And overcoming them.

author in hot springs in Portugal
Hot Springs in Portugal

Quick Health History

I manage multiple chronic autoimmune diseases. Sjogrens Syndrome, Lupus, Hashimoto’s and Chilblains were all diagnosed in my forties, Lyme’s Disease in my twenties.

It took years to receive a proper diagnosis for lupus. There were so many contradictions among the medical professionals, it was a nightmare. Finally, in 2015, I began treatment for sub-acute cutaneous lupus and received infusions. At the same time came a diagnosis for Sjogren’s Syndrome. Today I treat the diseases as overlapping, and can’t really pinpoint exact triggers, etc.

mindful travel for self healing
Once I accepted my lupus diagnosis, I embraced hats as skin protection.


Although you may have experienced a progression of autoimmune effects, you can still enjoy a very high quality of life. Self care of your physical body is paramount, so make peace with the reality that you may need to sleep 12-14 hours a night or have to use ice packs in the morning for stiffness. Autoimmune disease does not have to destroy your dreams. Just like trauma, nobody can take away your choice to live life to the fullest.

So….Jenn Fisher Books?

Although I am in my twenty-third year of teaching Special Education, and my career has enriched my life in countless ways, I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Somewhere along my life path I created the email address ‘jennfisherbooks’ in hopes of becoming an author monetizing my craft. That didn’t materialize, but I still felt called to write and create.

author on Portugal
Hot tea after deep sea snorkeling with dolphins in the Azores

Today I still have the same email address, but with a twist. I’m not Jenn Fisher ‘books’ the noun, but Jenn Fisher ‘books’ the verb. I have a passion for booking travel. More importantly, I have an authentic calling to inspire other women to actualize their travel dreams and heal themselves.

My First Big Trip

A late comer to travel, I never flew until my twenties and got my first passport in my 40’s. Then my teenage son and I planned a trip to the Grand Canyon. Though not a solo trip, it still triggered my trauma. Taking risks will always be terrifying for a trauma survivor, at least initially.

My anxiety in the airport was so intense, I felt desperate to escape. I was at my breaking point when TSA made me throw away my gel ice packs. It is always darkest before dawn. After that overwhelming stress, I had an emotionally transformative trip. I vividly remember sitting on the edge of the canyon and crying tears of joy. That’s when I knew I needed to create this site.

Traveling Now

Being a fifty-something female solo traveler enriches my life with unimaginable rewards. But what about you? What’s stopping you?

Is it: “I want to experience the trip with someone.”

You will be experiencing it with someone…YOU!

The thrill of navigating destinations, creating itineraries, and exploring cities and hiking trails will be your beloved companions. If you desire socialization, join group tours or strike up friendly conversations with other travelers. I promise you, it’s not boring or lonely.

Just me and the Joshua Trees

Better yet, the real miracle of solo travel is reclaiming your freedom and power as a trauma survivor. Abuse, abandonment, neglect, and incest steal the right to be sovereign in your body and emotions. But you can take it back through solo travel.

The second thing stopping you might be: “I’ll travel when I meet the right person to share it with.”

Trust me, YOU are the right person.

If you are a trauma survivor, or a person with autoimmune disease, you’ve sacrificed enough. Your time is now. Please don’t spend your life waiting, or life will pass you by.

Because I have many of these same challenges as you and kept going. Therefore I got to the other side of trauma and autoimmune struggles. You can too.

If you’re not sure or worried, I’ve been where you are. I’ve worked through intense anxiety on trips when trauma triggers pop up. I’ve made makeshift ice packs and heating pads in hotel rooms and guest houses when autoimmunes are problematic. And still had incredible trips every time.

Why should you join me? I’m authentic. My photos aren’t professional, my writing isn’t perfect. But I am a real person who overcame the odds, did these things, went these places, and chose to use my experiences to help you make your travel dreams come true too.  

Also, I do not and never will have ads. I don’t accept sponsored content or guest posts. I also don’t have affiliate links to anything I don’t use in my own personal life. Trust and authenticity are of utmost importance to me. Because…how could you learn or grow from my content if I’m dishonest with you? Therefore,  I will never promote something just to get income. It’s just not worth it to me.

author in Tennessee
Blue skies on the horizon in Tennessee

If you’ve read this far, maybe that means your inner calling to travel is strong. Need a little more motivation? Read here: for tips on how to start small and take safe risks. With each victory, your tolerance for discomfort will increase, and your skill set will expand. Before you know it, you will find yourself the envy and wonder of your peers. Then you can share your story and inspire others as their travel mentor.

photo of author