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Autoimmune travel to hot climates is not only possible, but peaceful. Don’t worry, with proper planning your trip will be a success. Whether you’re visiting the beach, a tropical island, or even traveling to the desert in summer months, a trip to hot climates is doable.

If you’re an autoimmune warrior, then you know the challenges that come with traveling certain climates. On this page, I offer practical advice and resources for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being while on the road in hot climates.

I’ve spent at least a week in these destinations during summer temperatures, and confidently say that it can be done.

In consideration of the specific needs of those of us with autoimmune conditions, I include tons of examples from my life experience to help you navigate.

So pack your UV protection clothing, sunhats, sunscreen, water bottle, (and hiking boots) and come explore these beautiful hot climates in Arizona, Utah, Florida and Portugal, just to name a few!