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Planning a trip to Atlantic City during the warm summer months? I have the best beaches for healing in Atlantic City that will check all your boxes. Did you know you can enjoy quiet, sands, convenient, safe, parking, and good atmosphere? It’s true. Looking for self-healing strategies to combine your beach time? You’ve come to the right place.

Free admission, white sands, trendy boardwalk, lifeguards on every block…what more could you ask for? How about parking details, restrooms, and hidden gems from a lifelong local? This post has it all, just for you! With the exception of one, each beach provides a lifeguard protection during the summer season.

Map Of The City

First, it’s good to know that Atlantic City is divided into three sections… Uptown, Midtown, and Chelsea. (also known as Ducktown). To get to the last section you head southwest, toward Ventnor city. Atlantic City is considered a small city, at only slightly over 17 square miles.

Getting There:

The nearest airport to Atlantic City, New Jersey, is the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). This airport is located about 12 miles northwest of downtown Atlantic City in Egg Harbor Township. It offers limited service but includes flights from several major and regional airlines.

Another major nearby airport is the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), which is approximately 60 miles west of Atlantic City. Philadelphia International Airport provides a much wider range of domestic and international flights.

Why Healing?

Atlantic City is more than just gambling. Before casinos, my family and I would walk down Georgia Ave and enter the old Convention Hall tunnel to access the beach. As a small child, I loved the echos and strange, darkness. I loved the structure of indoor ramps and sidewalks. I even loved that there was always standing water at one spot or another. What did I know? Just that it was a mysterious passageway that led us to brilliant sunlight, an exciting boardwalk, and ancient looking columns before leading us to the soft sand.

Since those early tender years, I’ve spent many years returning to these sands to process childhood trauma along its serene shores. And I’ve brought my own children to these sands to share my love of this town with them. That’s why I can recommend these beaches to you, my readers. Open your mind and heart and join me and countless others who consider Atlantic City beaches special.

Finally, if you’re a regular reader of my blog (if so thank you!) then you know my lists never countdown to a #1 best. Everyone is different and varied, so I leave it to you to decide which is best. Besides, deciding what YOU like is the best part of self-healing! So here we go…

Here are your five AC beaches for healing:

1. Bartram Avenue

Heading northeast along the shore, the first best of the best is Bartram Avenue. Considered one of the larger beaches, you can expect a shore walk from the boardwalk to the water, where you may choose to snorkel. This is great for providing ample room for stretching your beach chairs and blankets out.

This beach is the headquarters for the lifeguards, and has public bathrooms. In addition, to restroom, it also offers water for a shower and foot wash.

Besides these creature comforts, Bartram Avenue beach is great for taking long walks and crossing into neighboring communities of Ventnor, Margate and Longport via the beach or boardwalk. Finally, this beach is great for those of you staying in the southern region of Absecon Island. Since it’s a popular beach for all of these fantastic reasons, it tends to be a bit busier and street parking might require a few spins around the block on weekends.

Self- Healing Strategy:

Observe the birds. Not just seagulls but sandpipers especially. Notice their tiny little legs scurrying back and forth along the shore, running from the incoming waves. See how animals resemble small children, uninhibited and free. Claim that energy as your own.

2. Richmond Avenue

In terms of quiet and spacious, this beach will not disappoint. You’ll usually find easy parking, thanks to the school on Ventnor Avenue. Richmond Avenue beach is a hidden gem and has the kinda beach vibe for getting lost in a good book. In fact, the quiet seclusion is another win for this beach. It provides the opportunity to practice mindfulness and self-healing. There’s not a bathroom on Richmond Avenue, but if you enjoy walks on the beach or boardwalk, Bartram is only five blocks away.

best beaches for healing in Atlantic City
Large beach to sunbathe and swim

Self- Healing Strategy:

Swim in the ocean water. Even if it’s cold or you don’t usually, encourage yourself to let go and interact with the living energy of the ocean. Invite healing and if you go out deeper, play in the waves.

3. Albany Avenue

As you make your way north, the next beach is Albany Avenue. This is the street that holds the name of the bridge you take to enter the city from the Blackhorse Pike. Welcoming you to the city is a historic World War I Memorial titled ‘Liberty In Distress’. The rotunda houses a 9-foot bronze statue and is registered National Register of Historic Places. O’Donnell Park sits adjacent to the landmark.

As you approach this roundabout, veer right along the memorial and drive toward the beach. You’ll find parking there in the form of street and lot. This is the newly established Stockton University Atlantic City Campus section of the city. It is convenient for its proximity to the mainland, since it provides easy access in and out of the city. This can be valuable during traffic congestion. There is a large public restroom located directly at the beach entrance.

Self- Healing Strategy:

Look around for children playing in the sand or in the water. Embrace the innocence and joy of childhood, acknowledge that those same qualities exist in you today.

4. New Jersey Avenue

The next best of the best is a beach that lies in front of the Ocean Casino Resort. There are two reasons this beach makes the list. The first one is parking, which is available on the beach block per the same city-wide metered system.

The second is the unique look and feel of the boardwalk and the shore.

The extra wide, new boards combined with the music atmosphere and uncrowded area makes this a very attractive section of the AC Boardwalk.

There are a few features of this beach. One is the lively atmosphere of Ocean Casino. The second is the view of the amusement pier, reminiscent of the old days of the city. Another thing to know about this beach is best for a quick beach experience, rather than packing your gear for an entire day, since the sand frontage is shorter than downtown.

If you’re looking for the traditional, all day beach in this part of town, move a few blocks northeast of New Jersey Ave. At those beaches, you’ll enjoy vast panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. This is because you are nearing the inlet. Therefore, you will have more than just the horizon to gaze upon while you sunbathe.

You’ll also enjoy peace and a sense of solitude while you catch glimpses of boat and dolphin activity. The bathroom facilities for Ocean Casino include public restroom located one the boardwalk at New Jersey Avenue.

If you decide to take a walk on the boardwalk, Playground Pier is only a few blocks away. Why not treat yourself to some candy and fun?

Self- Healing Strategy:

Walk along the shoreline and hunt for treasure. Shells, rocks, plants, sand crabs, whatever catches your eye and interests you. Check in with your emotions and be present in the moment. When you’re done, dig in the sand at the water’s edge. Watch for marine life, especially tiny clams. Hold them in your hand with a scoop of mud and watch them burrow. Place them back gently and thank them for the smiles they gave you.

5. Maine Avenue

Finally, the last best of the best beach in Atlantic City is a beachcomber favorite. This beach stretches along Maine Avenue, and is historically known as the inlet. It’s home to the world famous Gardeners Basin, which is a short drive from the sand and small fishing pier. This is the only beach that does not have a lifeguard, and you will have to do a small rock scramble down to get to it. But if you are up for the adventure, you won’t be disappointed.

The highlight of this beach is collecting sea glass. This beach treasure is rare and cherished, as most New Jersey beaches do not offer such a gift from the sea. Once regular glass, the ocean has polished it to a smooth glass-like shell. Besides the delight of treasure-seeking, it also provides a free and one of a kind souvenir for your efforts. In addition, you’ll also enjoy the experience of the rock jetties. You can climb on them, I have many times. But you will have to be very careful.

This is the pier you’ll walk down to access the beach

Swim at your own risk here, or just wade to your knees and search for sea glass. Street parking is located adjacent to the sidewalk that parallels the bulkhead.

Another unique feature of Maine Avenue beach is the sweeping views of Brigantine Cove and periodic sightings of historical commercial fishing vessels. These impressive working boats are a reminder of the seafood industry that is still alive and well in Atlantic City. This location is also a wonderful place to beach comb in the winter.

Finally, this beach lies within the Marina District, home to the Borgada Casino and Harrahs. Therefore, you’ll also be treated to sightings of expensive, luxurious yachts. Although Maine Avenue Beach does not have restrooms, you can find public restrooms at nearby historic Gardener’s Basin.

AC beach
View from the jetty. Look for dolphins and spot an array of boats

Self- Healing Strategy:

Take your collection of sea glass home and display it where you’ll be reminded of your self-care time. Expand the experience by creating a healing art project from the sea glass collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there bathrooms in other places throughout the city?

Yes! Public restrooms are located along the boardwalk at Bartram Avenue, Albany Avenue, Chelsea Avenue, Kennedy Plaza at Mississippi Avenue, New York Avenue, Garden Pier at New Jersey Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue and Caspian Avenue.

Do the bathrooms permit changing?

Yes! People are allowed to change in bathrooms along the boardwalk, but public changing houses are located at South Carolina Avenue and Albany Avenue.

What are the hours of the lifeguards?

Lifeguards are on duty from 10am – 6 pm from July 1 – Labor Day. A limited number of Atlantic City beaches are protected from Memorial Day to July 1, and Labor Day to September 30. Find daily conditions reports (seasonal) and real-time status of guarded beaches at safebeachday.com.

Can I walk on the beach outside of lifeguard duty hours?

Yes! Taking an early morning or sunset stroll is a memorable experience to include in your Atlantic City vacation.

Can I surf, kayak, windsurf, and fishing?


Can I bring a personal flotation device?

Atlantic City beaches, like all South Jersey beaches, allow boogie boards, but not rafts.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the beach before and after lifeguard hours, which is typically 10 am to 6pm.

Final Thoughts On Best Beaches For Healing In Atlantic City

Atlantic City holds great potential for healing during your mindful travels. In addition, you have convenient parking, available restrooms, and lifeguard protection…all for free! Give these best beaches for healing in Atlantic City an honest chance. I know they’ve definitely added to my spiritual peaceful journey.

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