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When you are healing trauma through nature and movement, you are combining self healing with mindful outdoor exercise. When you practice this while traveling, you are maximizing your chance for healing, since when we go to new places, we are in a open minded, growth state.

I’ve used traditional therapy, in-person and Virtual EMDR, recovery phone lines, journaling, and other therapy techniques that I created myself to aid in my trauma healing. However, once the bulk of the pain passed, I began using solo travel to refine and celebrate my growth and new life. It works, because I discovered it organically, and have benefited from it for years now. It’s my honor to share with you what I’ve learned. Below are five ways to apply your healing to solo traveling.

Reverse The Effects of Trauma

Nature has an incredible ability to nurture and heal. By making the outdoors a sanctuary for both the body and the soul, you are healing your trauma. This is based on the understanding of long term effects of trauma on the body. Namely, it causes individuals to disconnect from their physical body, because trauma teaches that feeling = pain. Over the years, most trauma survivors developed unhealthy coping mechanisms to manage, include numbing five senses with additions and compulsions.

Healing Trauma Through Movement

Reconnecting with nature and your physical five senses is a beautiful way to heal trauma. Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling, and camping provides an outlet to do just that. Hiking mindfully through lush trails or biking along scenic routes allows you to see, hear and feel the present moment. Swimming and snorkeling in soothing waters of lakes or oceans teaches your body to let go and literally be held by the power of nature. And of course, there’s always journaling.

Healing Trauma Through Travel

On this page you will find countless examples of using beautiful destinations and outdoor activities to mindfully heal your heart and reconnect to the incredible person you are. These actions are a clear message that you are redefining your life to one that is not limited by the painful lens of trauma and fear. In the process, you can reclaim your freedom to be present and sovereign in your body, and at the same time improve physical health and have fun.

Healing Trauma Through Whatever Way Works For You

Maybe your healing is traditional therapy. Or it could be connected to cultural inclusiveness. Camping under the stars provides a deep connection with the wilderness…maybe it’s that! It could very well be to ground yourself in the healing power of the earth itself. When you make up your mind to heal yourself, there’s no limit to your ability to overcome trauma.

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