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Are you new to solo travel? Are you new to self healing? Or maybe you have years experience in both. To start your self healing with solo travel all you need is an intention and a plan.

On this blog, I chronicle my experiences as a woman dedicated to self healing. I also share how I manage multiple autoimmune diseases during solo travel journeys. In addition, I am a trauma survivor and committed to enjoying phenomenal mental health. Whether it is physical mental, or emotional, this healing you seek, wholeness can be yours. Regardless of what your self love goals are, there are countless ways to begin. Simply making the decision to try is an amazing first step.

I discovered the healing effects of solo travel, and knew I could help other women heal, too. Each destination on this blog are places I’ve been and things I’ve experienced.

How To Start Your Self Healing With Solo Travel

To manage any chronic illness, you need resources. To solo travel, you also need resources. Over time you will build these resources up. As you maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being while on the road, perhaps one day you will use your triumphs to help and inspire other autoimmune warriors.

Having a passion for travel starts with a small stirring. Maybe you tell yourself it’s impossible, or you’re too old, or maybe “one day”. Nevertheless the stirring is still there, and time is ticking. If you’re reading this article, then maybe you’re ready for the next step? Keep reading for advice and wisdom from this gray-haired, solo female traveler to map out your next, albeit small, steps to begin building momentum. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You want to create a healthy and safe foundation for yourself. Every little step leads to bigger ones later.

If you are new to solo travel, here are some specific tips to help get you on the road…

1. Find A Female Mentor

start solo travel for autoimmune warriors

I place this as number one because if it wasn’t for a friend of mine who believed in me, I would never have continued when doubts settled in. I can still remember being on the metaphorical fence and afraid to step over when she text me, “You got this!” That meant the world to me, and I slowly borrowed her bravado until I believed in myself. It was a true example of female empowerment.

2. Stretch Your Capacity For Spending Time Alone

Like to take walks? Visit a nearby park you’ve never been to. Do you have a love for museums and galleries? Sign up for a group tour. Been eyeing that new Thai restaurant in town? Take yourself on a lunch or even bolder, dinner date. Even a movie will do the trick.

Every one of these suggestions, I had to personally pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do. It’s not easy at first, but it’s worth it. The hardest part in tolerating the discomfort of something new is usually the voices in our heads. I promise you, nobody is looking at you wondering why you have no friends or lovers. No one is judging you or thinking you’re weird to be on your own. Gradually, those self-criticisms will disappear and you’ll smile at such silliness.

3. Choose Manageable Destinations

To prepare yourself for solo travel, start with something you already know, and then layer in something new. For example, I started by taking my children and their friends camping. Being a lifelong camper, I could easily navigate a campsite. What was new was traveling to further and further state parks and exciting destinations. In time, I was able to pack a loaded minivan with 3-6 teenagers and drive six hours.

4. Practice with Emotional ‘Stand-Ins’

author's teddy bear

When I started with something I already knew (camping), I layered in another support by traveling with my kids and their friends. Having the kids as company distracted me from my own inner fears. It worked! If there are no children to borrow, how about a pet? No pets? How about your journal and a teddy bear? I never travel without my teddy bear by my side the entire trip. You’d be surprised how something that began as an embarrassment (a grown woman with a teddy bear?!) has evolved into warm smiles and conversation starters on planes.

passenger gazing out the airplane window

5. Fill In The Blank

Yes, there are only four, not five tips for getting started on solo travel. That’s because it’s up to you to use your creativity and imagination to come up with the last one. Solo traveling requires a strong foundation for knowing and trusting yourself. Like any other relationship, it needs to be cultivated to grow. Creating and implementing your own practices will expand your confidence in yourself. As that increases, so will your readiness to travel solo. Before you know it, you will be booking your first round trip ticket for ‘one’ on the flight of your dreams.

Congratulations! You’ve made a very valuable investment in your future…YOU!

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