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Would you like to deepen your mindful travel and experience more inner fulfillment? Are you looking for a vacation that combines physical, mental, and emotional healing?

Here is an approach to get started. It will detail some of the best destinations nature has to offer, and connect you with your desire to heal.

I spent at least a week in the destinations featured below, and have received emotional and mental healing benefits in a multitude of ways.

Whether you’re new to traveling mindfully as a self healing strategy or new to animal conservation, there’s inspiration here for you. So what does using nature to heal look like? Read the hows and whys to begin your healing journey.

Throughout The World, Near and Far, Nature’s Beauty Awaits

This page highlights destinations by country or state. However, each location will focus on the opportunity for embracing the quiet solitude of that place, despite tourism and crowds. I have curated beaches, mountains, small towns, and deserts for you to gain the most healing benefits for your body, mind, and soul healing journey.

In The US, Canada, and Caribbean

In Europe

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