Snorkeling To Heal In Beautiful Barbados

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Are you looking for a vacation that combines physical, mental, and emotional healing? Would you like to engage in travel more mindfully and deepen your experience? Why not try snorkeling to heal in beautiful Barbados?

Barbados snorkeling

Here is a starting point for you, whether you’re new to snorkeling or new to self-healing or new to traveling to this pristine Caribbean Island. It doesn’t matter…all anyone can benefit.

I spent a week exploring the magnificent island of Barbados, and snorkeling was my favorite part. Connecting to body and breathing, as well as getting close to nature, will provide an unforgettable and fun experience.

Lastly, when you set an intention to mindfully heal yourself and your trauma, you embark on a transformational underwater journey, especially when you are solo traveling.

So what does using nature to heal look like? Read the hows and whys to begin your healing journey.

Effects of Trauma

Trauma, specifically complex PTSD, robs an individual of their birthright to experience the present moment. The effect of this is the five senses become shut down. Fortunately, traveling to nature destinations and integrating the five senses to the present moment can repair this.

Some trauma survivors develop internal strategies to shut down the senses. This is a coping mechanism to keep them safe. Unfortunately, over time they become disconnected from their body. Especially for an incest survivor, it can be terrifying to ‘be in one’s body’ and feel physical sensations. Gradually, the person may become numb. 

Another negative effect of trauma is that a person may develop a  hyper-vigilance to the environment.  Always on the alert, they may scan and survey for potential triggers. Breathing may become shallow, there may be a constant tightness in the chest. The list goes on. 

These coping strategies, although unhealthy, effectively work in childhood to preserve safety. However, the long ingrained patterns deteriorate a person’s ability to be engaged in the present moment. Sometimes this is described as dissociation


Because the five senses have been continuously  suppressed, it takes practice to mindfully re-engage them. This is of primary importance for self-healing. Therefore, learning to attune to the beauty of the moment is the objective. Practicing mindfulness in nature and intentionally connecting to your senses is the path. Ultimately you will reconnect to your body and reclaim what was taken from you as a result of the trauma.

Activities In Nature

Placing yourself in natural settings can facilitate self-healing. The beach, a city park, the forest…any outdoor area will suffice. Start where you are, whether near your home on while traveling. Healing from trauma is an ongoing process. The more mindful your intent, the greater opportunity for healing.

Believe it or not, engaging in fun activities can aid in your journey. A powerful way to connect to your body is through snorkeling. Not only does it reengage the senses, but it provides an immediate reliance upon attuning to them for your very breath.

snorkel heal

Submerging yourself in the water, hearing your breathing echoing loudly in your ears, tasting the mouthpieces and moisture, allowing yourself to be held by the water…all these are profound sensory connections for the trauma survivor. Each one gently demands your attention, and enables you to focus on your beautiful physical body.

Introducing the crystal-clear waters of Barbados. Located the south-eastern Caribbean Sea. The island of Saint Lucia is to the north, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, are to the west, and Trinidad and Tobago are to the south. It is home to world class snorkeling.

map of Barbados

Below are five ideal locations for you to snorkel mindfully and self heal. Use them to  embark on a therapeutic adventure.

Map of Snorkeling To Heal Locations

Each location will include suggestions for ways to extend the experience and increase connection to your five senses. And in the process, practice self-healing.

Of course you can snorkel anywhere, it doesn’t require getting on a plane to connect with your physical body. The goal will still be self-healing, regardless where you choose to snorkel. In addition, you do not need expensive equipment to start. I bought my gear from Amazon for less than $50 USD. Finally, if you fall in love with snorkeling (like I did) and want to explore the wonderful activity in other parts of the world, check out opportunities in the Azore Islands of Portugal.

However, I wholeheartedly recommend these snorkeling spots on the gorgeous island of Barbados. So I invite you to feel the warm embrace of the Caribbean sun kiss your skin as you dip into the turquoise sea. Lean into immersing yourself in this transformative experience that goes beyond the vibrant coral reefs. The waters here are warm and inviting, however, you can still use brisk waters to practice self-healing just as easily.

Each snorkeling destination is accessible individually or with a tour, which are fabulous.

Carlisle Bay’s Shipwrecks

Dive into the history beneath the waves at Carlisle Bay, where sunken ships have become a haven for marine life. As you snorkel through clear waters, explore the remnants of bygone vessels, now adorned with colorful corals and teeming with schools of tropical fish. Feel the sense of serenity as you glide over these underwater time capsules.

Carlisle Bay Barbados
Carlisle Bay view from beach

Mindfulness Exercise

Listen deeply to the whooshing sound of your own breath, understanding it is the very life sustaining you. This creates an entirely new appreciation for the miracle that is you.

Allow your body to embrace the water’s magical buoyancy. For a trauma survivor, it is extremely hard to let go and trust. By giving the water permission to hold you, support you, cradle you, etc, you are teaching your physical body it is safe to let go and be held. This requires practice, but in time, you will learn to trust both nature and yourself. You’ll begin to accept that despite historical trauma, it is safe to trust, be held, and let go.

Folkestone Marine Park

Escape to the underwater oasis of Folkestone Marine Park, where the marine sanctuary beckons with its diverse coral formations and bustling aquatic community. Drift along with the gentle currents, admiring the kaleidoscope of marine hues and the dance of sea creatures. This peaceful sanctuary offers a moment of respite in the heart of Barbados’ marine wonders.

Mindfulness Exercise

Watch the sand sway with the gentle movement of the sea floor. Hone in on one area of earth beneath you, and meditate on one patch of land. What do you notice? Is the plant life cascading or undulating in a recognizable pattern? Is seaweed floating toward you? Do you see fish and other creatures eating, digging, and going about their daily lives as you observe silently? It may seem like the plant and animal life is communicating with you. Just release and notice.

Paynes Bay Turtle Sanctuary 

Paynes Bay Beach is located on the west coast of Barbados, in the parish of St.James. Sandy Lane and Holetown are to the north, Fitts Village and Batts Rock Bay to the south.

Experience a serene encounter with majestic sea turtles at Paynes Bay, a sanctuary where these gentle creatures gracefully navigate the clear waters. Snorkel alongside these ancient mariners, feeling a profound connection with nature as they glide effortlessly through the sea. The tranquil ambiance of this underwater haven creates a perfect backdrop for mindful exploration. If you want to swim amongst turtles, experience a guided tour.

turtle snorkel barbados

Mindfulness Exercise

As you glide through the underwater world, let each gentle movement become a sensory connection, a rhythmic dance with the ocean’s currents. The colorful marine life, like living brushstrokes, paint a vivid tapestry beneath the surface. Notice the ebb and flow of your breath, syncing with the waves, creating a symphony of self-awareness.

Batts Rock Beach

Batts Rock is located on the southern west coast of Barbados just a few minutes from the capital city of Bridgetown.

Escape the crowds and find solitude at Batts Rock Beach, a hidden gem for snorkelers seeking peace. The pristine waters reveal a vibrant underwater world, with coral gardens and marine life waiting to be discovered. Feel the embrace of the sea as you explore this lesser-known snorkeling spot, where the gentle waves become your guide.

Mindfulness Exercise

In the quietude beneath the waves, confront and release the echoes of past traumas. The soothing embrace of the sea becomes a cocoon for your healing journey. Watch as the fish gracefully navigate their underwater realm, a metaphor for your own navigation through the complexities of emotions.

Dover Beach

Dover is a wide beach along the south coast of Barbados, in Saint Lawrence.

Venture to unique Dover Beach, where you can marvel at the intricate designs of nature beneath the surface. Vibrant corals create a mesmerizing backdrop for your snorkeling adventure. The peaceful ambiance of this underwater haven provides a serene escape. Surrender to the waves softly rocking your body on the water’s surface. Accept the invitation to ‘go with the flow’ of beautiful Barbados and precious you.

Mindfulness Exercise

Allow the sensation of weightlessness to mirror the shedding of emotional burdens. With each mindful breath, let go of what no longer serves you, allowing the gentle tide to carry away the remnants of pain. The underwater world becomes a canvas for introspection, a space to confront fears and uncertainties, and emerge with newfound strength.

Healing Continues

Snorkeling mindfully in Barbados transcends a mere water activity. Rather, it’s a communion with the sea and a dance of self-discovery. The ocean is your ally in the quest for healing. Barbados is an enchanting paradise, a sanctuary of the union of nature and mindfulness. Of course, you can also find healing in many bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and tide pools.

As you resurface, from the waters of Barbados and back into your everyday life, bask in the sunlight of your self-love. Use the lessons you received snorkeling as a symbol of your emergence from the depths of your heavy emotions. Hear the breeze whisper the tale your resilience, and the rhythmic lull of your internal breath a soothing mantra. All these and more, affirming your journey toward healing.

Still not sure? Want to try it out in a group first? Another way to begin your healing journey through snorkeling in Barbados is to take a group tour.

I did this and really love it! The crew is helpful and quite comedic. And they had a sliding board off the boat at the end!