The Wonderful World of Animism

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the wonderful world of animism

What Is The Wonderful World of Animism?

First let’s start by explaining what Animism is and why that is important. The definition of an animism is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, even weather systems are alive and are simply other than human people.

Now that you know what it is, why care?
Well, think back to childhood for a moment. Remember when toys, stuffed animals, even flowers were real? Connecting to the realm of imagination was natural and automatic. Laughter and fun were always available. Fast forward to adult hood. It’s usually only when watching a small child immersed in their imagination that we sadly recall our lost ability to tap into the magical space.

Why did that curiosity and connection vanish?

The good news is, animism is not completely gone. Think about how easy it is to slip into the world of make believe when we’re playing with a beloved child. We can return to that wonder anytime we want.

We are born animists, and all children remind us the joy of living life from this perspective.

Praying Mantis

How much Of Animism Lives On In You Today?

Take this short fun quiz to find out how tapped in to the vast and wondrous world around you, and how you can benefit from that.

  1. Do you unconsciously touch trees as you pass by them?
  2. Do you believe your dog has feelings and your cat has distinct moods?
  3. When you sit on a boulder or large rock, do you instinctively place your hand palms down?
  4. Do you immediately say sorry if you accidentally kill an insect?
  5. Do you imagine that flowers and bushes wave to you, so you smile and silently say ‘hi’ back?
  6. Is it natural for you to make eye contact with animals?
  7. Do you sometimes you prefer the company of nature to the company of humans?
  8. Does tucking in a teddy bear or stuffed animals come natural to you?
  9. Do you play music or TV programs for your pets while your gone?
  10. Does the secret world of bugs fascinate you? and can lose yourself in observing them?

If you answer yes to three or more, congratulations! Be so proud that you are an evolved and aware human with an open heart, capable of giving and receiving love. Chances are you experience joy wherever you are, and even more intensely when surrounded by nature.

So What’s Next?

Choose one or two signs above that really resonated with you and spend the next week or so in the natural world honing your intuition around that. Don’t worry, ‘intuition’ is just another way of saying mindful noticing. Keep practicing and the gift of being an animist will expand. You may find yourself effortlessly tapping into creativity you never knew you had! Above all, have fun and remember, you know how to do this already!

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