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Traveling mindfully means you’re actively engaged in self-healing as you journey. Setting the intention to mend your heart reconnects you to the incredible person you were before trauma stole your natural wonder and joy for life. In the process, reclaim your freedom to rewrite your life narrative, and at the same time learn, grow, and have fun.

I’ve used traditional therapy, in-person and Virtual EMDR, recovery phone lines, journaling, and other therapy techniques that I created myself to aid in my trauma healing. However, once the bulk of the pain passed, I began using solo travel to refine and celebrate my growth and new life. It works, because I discovered it organically, and have benefitted from it for years now. It’s my honor to share with you what I’ve learned.

On this page you’ll find examples of using mindful travel to heal trauma. Inclusivity, cultural equality, and healing the collective are just a few ways to heal trauma while traveling. Happy trails!