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Throughout this page are insights and experiences related to exploring nature to facilitate self-healing. Whether it be a National Park, beach, sea cliff, campsite or hiking trail, each and every natural setting can be used to heal trauma.

Besides suggesting the benefits of connecting with the outdoors, each article also highlights exceptional travel destinations for you to explore and navigate…either solo or with others. They also provide resources for taking your therapy on the road with you.

Combined together, traveling and healing trauma in nature, you will go beyond slow or mindful travel. Using the resources I suggest, you can take the lead in your own healing journey.

If you are a trauma survivor like me, it takes practice to slow down long enough to really stay still and feel painful feelings. And it’s not easy at first. But it’s worth it. Because you deserve to reclaim what was lost and stolen from you as a result of the trauma. Living your best life courageously is the way to do that.